How We Help

A Few Statistics from Interfaith Ministries

These are our statistics for the year 2018.  Help us by donating now or volunteering soon to make 2019 our best year yet!

Emergency Assistance

Our emergency assistance program provdes assistance to individuals or families in crisis to prevent homelessness. 

  • Rent Assistance: 11%
  • Prescription Assistance:18%
  • Heat and Utility Assistance: 58%
  • Other Asistance: 13%
  • Total Served in 2018: 1,338 (1,078 Children)
  • Total Client Assistance: $129,976
  • Number of Volunteers: 19
  • Volunteer Hours: 2,011


This is our long term prescription assistance program for those without prescription assistance or those who have exceeded their Medicare Part D gap. This is a cooperative effort with East Alabama Planning Commission, local physicians, and pharmaceutical companies.

  • Clients Served in 2018: 1,292
  • New Clients Enrolled in 2018: 190
  • Prescriptions Accessed in 2018: 4,088
  • Dollar Value of Prescriptions Accessed in 2018: $4,508,518
  • Dollar Value of Prescriptions Accessed since 2002: $46,235,369

Adult Dental Program:

Dental services provided to underserved low income adults and to the inmates of Calhoun County Jail. 

  • Total Served in 2018: 461
  • Served in Interfaith Clinic: 167
  • Served in Jail Clinic: 108
  • Teeth Extracted: 1,844
  • Referred to Local Dentists for Care: 126
  • Number of Participating Dentists: 14
  • Total Client Assistance: $22,493
  • Number of Volunteers: 22
  • Volunteer Hours: 1,196

The Open Door

Hospitality to homeless and displaced persons by providing: coffee, showers, blankets, sleeping bags, toiletries, and snacks

  • Use of phone, computer, and mailbox
  • Assistance with Identification and Birth Certificates
  • Shelter Assistance
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Provide a caring environment for hurting people
  • Number of Homeless Identified: 311
  • Total Number of Visits to Interfaith: 8,273
  • Number of Showers Provided: 933
  • Number of Volunteers: 19
  • Volunteer Hours: 2,269

 Meals On Wheels:

Hot, lunchtime meals provided to homebound persons. 

  • Delivered by volunteers
  • Clients Served in 2018: 180
  • Meals Served in 2018: 16,907
  • 55% of meals are free or partial pay approximately $34,370
  • Number of Volunteers: 135
  • Volunteer Hours: 4,306

 Community Garden:

Provides food and meaningful activity for Interfaith clients and volunteers. Community partners helped to plow the garden, plant the seeds, water the plants, and pick the vegetables.

  • Participants sold produce at a local farmer’s market
  • All who worked in the garden could have produce
  • Devotions led by church leaders
  • Number of Volunteers per week: 3
  • Volunteer Hours: 2,010

Christmas Clearing House:

Christmas assistance for families and individuals living below the poverty level

  • Organized and overseen by volunteers
  • Families Served in 2018: 250
  • Individuals Served in 2018: 1,269
  • Total Client Assistance 2018: $22,175
  • Number of Volunteers: 112
  • Volunteer Hours: 726

Jobs For Life:

Biblically based training which helps develop character and connect individuals to a community of support to help them gain self-esteem and job seeking skills.

  • 16 Classes
  • Provides mentors for each participant
  • Clients Served in 2014: 5
  • Number of Volunteers: 32
  • Volunteer Hours: 366

We're Glad You're Our Neighbor

Dinner gatherings with no agenda other than the joy of getting to know people and appreciate each other.  No politics or religion. . . Just community and fellowship. 

  • Average Monthly Attendance: 50
  • Total Dinners in 2018: 5

Tornado Assistance | March 2018

  • At the request of the United Way, we organized the Volunteer Resource Center to receive volunteers, provide safety training, and transport the volunteers to the disaster site. All staff members of Interfaith's were part of the response for the first week following the tornado. 
  • Directed the disaster Relief Resource Center in Jacksonville and coordinated community services in order to provide aid to the affected residents. We relocated one staff member to be a full-time director of the center. 
  • Worked with the United Way to be on the JSU campus and meet the needs of the students as they returned to the campus for three days. 
  • Employee Hours: 568
  • Volunteer Hours: 1098


If you feel called to help us and the residents of Calhoun County and the Anniston Area, visit our services page and see what calls you.  We are always in need of great new volunteers and donations.