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The Interfaith Adult Dental Program serves persons who can not otherwise pay for dental care.  Persons are screened in our offices and referred to dental offices or the Adult Dental Clinic.  Area dentists donate professional services in the clinic. United Way funds and other donations pay for office visits. Persons needing extractions can be referred to a monthly free clinic with volunteer dentist.  

•  The free dental clinic is located at RMC West Annex. 309 East 8th Street, Suite 100.

• An application is required as well as an interview.

• Persons seeking assistance should apply at Interfaith Ministries on Wednesday mornings, 8:00 am.  Persons should bring with them ID, proof of income and proof of residency in Calhoun County.  Our dental assistant will determine if clients should be referred to the clinic for extractions.  In rare instances, some local dentists may provide other emergency dental services.  Interfaith Ministries cannot provide dentures.

See some examples of the kind of clients we help here. 

To obtain more information, contact Interfaith Ministries at 256-237-1472.