Adult Dental Program

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Interfaith Ministry Adult Dental Program

Interfaith Ministries provides a free dental clinic to those who are otherwise unable to pay for their dental care in Anniston, Alabama.
Below are some frequently asked questions. Read to learn more!

Who can apply for free care?

Adults who are otherwise unable to pay for their personal dental care.  Please be aware that potential clients will be interviewed after an application is submitted to verify that your are eligible for our program.

How can I apply?

You can apply on Wednesday mornings at 8:00am at our office located 1431 Gurnee Avenue.  We kindly ask you provide identification and proof of income when you arrive.  If you are approved, you will finally be interviewed for an appointment.

Please be aware the we cannot provide dentures to our patients.

Where is the Dental Clinic?

Our clinic is located at 300 E 8th St Anniston, AL 36207 in the RMC building. 

Adult Dental Clinic Client Examples

Below are some examples of how our Free Dental Clinic helps the local homeless and in need. We’re passionate about the improvement in our community, and with this program, we have changed and continue to help change lives.


Sarah is a drug addict in recovery with severe dental issues.  Her continued recovery was at risk due to her severe pain. She needed two teeth removed and had no income, no insurance, and no alternatives. The IFM Adult Dental clinic took care of the extractions and eliminated her pain. She is continuing her recovery, now even closer to a productive and happy life.


Kelvin is an inmate in the Calhoun County jail with several teeth giving him problems. Interfaith Ministries Adult Dental Clinic is the ONLY option for Calhoun County Inmates with dental issues. 


James could be described as one of the working poor. He is employed as a full-time food service worker making minimum wage, but does not have dental insurance benefits. He broke a molar which resulted in a painful and potentially dangerous abscess. IFM sent him to a dentist office immediately for antibiotic treatment. We then set him up an appointment at our free clinic to remove the broken tooth, allowing him to return to work. 


Carl is a gentleman from Anniston preparing for chemotherapy and radiation therapy for throat cancer. Before his cancer treatment could begin, he was instructed by his oncologist to have teeth removed. In a potentially grim turn of events, he found himself without dental insurance and without resources. IFM assisted him with the extractions, paving the way to continue his lifesaving treatment. 

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