Christmas Clearing House

Client interviews will be held in the Interfaith Ministries Office 8 Days (October 12th – 15th and October 19th – 22nd0  from 8:30 am to noon.

  • Clients MUST Bring:
    *Photo ID*
    *Social Security cards for EVERYONE in the household
    *Birth Certificates for everyone 12 Yr Old & under
    *Proof of ALL Income for all household members -(govm’t– SS, TANF, SSI, Food stamps & employment pay stubs or if paid in cash, a statement from the employer)
    *Proof of ALL monthly bills paid by all household members-rent or mortgage, phone, auto, cable, utilities

If there is more than one family in the household, guardians must sign up their own children together, at the same time– No Exceptions.

What is Christmas Clearing House?

 Christmas Clearing house is a program dedicated to helping low-income families enjoy the Christmas season.  We accomplish this by providing assistance in the form of gift cards and more.

Interfaith Ministries believes in giving and sharing the love of Christ. Our mission, “bringing God’s People Together to Serve God’s People in Need” is reflected in Christmas Clearing House. This program is wonderful example of how we as a community can serve those around us, bringing God’s people together. 


Our Holiday History

Christmas Clearing House started over fifty years ago. Several women from our community recognized the needs of local families during the holidays. They gathered together and began cooking meals to serve.   That spirit of giving took root and blossomed into a program that serves over five hundred families at Christmas. Church volunteers come together in the early fall to begin interviewing hundreds of applicants. The generous spirit of the community provides the resources and funds for the gift cards, and the gift cards empower the recipients. They are able to experience the joy of giving.   

There are countless examples of those who need the help of Christmas Clearing House. Single Parents wanting to provide a nice Christmas for their children; families of children with disabilities and medical expenses; children living with grandparents who are on a modest fixed income: The list goes on!  

Christmas Clearing House ensures that families are given the opportunity to provide the Christmas best suited for their family. The gift cards provided by the CCH enables them to buy Christmas gifts for their children, food for Christmas Dinner, and even their own stocking stuffers.   So if you’re in need of help this Christmas or if you wish to volunteer or donate, continue reading below to see how you can take part in this amazing program. 


Applicants must bring Photo ID, SS Cards for everyone in the household, Birth Certificates for those 12 years old & younger, Proof of all income(SNAP, TANF, Child Support, SS & SSI award letters, Pay stubs) and Proof of monthly bills paid (mortgage, rent, utility bills, phone, car payments etc.) by ALL members of the household.   If more than one family lives in the same household, guardians must sign up their own children together at the same time. No exceptions.  

Christmas Clearing House is a seasonal outreach ministry of Interfaith Ministries in cooperation with The Salvation Army. Donations from local churches and the community fund our annual outreach which is led by a team of volunteers.    Eligible local families receive gift certificates for clothing, food, and toys. The gift certificates will be purchased with your donations, so please give generously.  

Donations are accepted in person, through the mail, and online.

Checks may be made out to:

Interfaith Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 1444, Anniston, AL 36202.

Write “Christmas Clearing House” on the memo line.

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