Dental Needs in Our Community: Why We Need Adult Dental Clinic

My husband hates going to the dentist more than anyone else I know. 

But, when the pain gets bad, he buckles under, makes an appointment and gets it done.  We are blessed to be able to go to the dentist when we need to.  Our dental insurance isn’t great.  It only pays for part of this and a little of that, but it helps.

   For our neighbors in Calhoun County with no dental insurance and low income, going to the dentist isn’t just a pain in the mouth and pocketbook- it can be an impossibility.  

   Interfaith Ministries is the ONLY free dental clinic for adults in Calhoun County.  Our clinic only does extractions.  For our clients, the assistance can be life altering.

   Renee’ lived for years in an abusive relationship, both physical and emotional.  She found help relocating to a safe home and found a job but a broken tooth was causing pain and swelling.  Interfaith’s Adult Dental Clinic was able to pull the tooth, and by relieving the pain -restore Renee’s smile

 Tim is a 70 year old widow who has been spending the majority of his small pension making payments on his wife’s recent funeral.  The teeth that were holding Tim’s partial denture in place broke, making a proper fit impossible.  Getting sufficient nutrition was becoming an issue to Tim’s overall health.  With Interfaith Ministry extracting the broken teeth, Tim was able to get the partial repaired and re-fitted so he can once again eat normally.

  Mick had multiple decayed teeth causing an infection in his bloodstream.  As a diabetic amputee, it is difficult for Mick to get around town but he made his way to Interfaith Ministries to get help.  There is nowhere else in town for adults without resources to get extractions for free.  Mick used his walker to travel the eight city blocks to our clinic on a cold morning to make sure he didn’t miss his appointment.  We were able to provide him with bus passes to help with his subsequent visits.  After the extractions were complete, Mick was able to get help at another agency to get fitted for the dentures he so urgently needed.

 Inmates at the Calhoun County Jail are seen in the Adult Dental Clinic for extractions.  It is the only dental care for inmates in Calhoun County facilities.

  Dental care is a seriously under-met need in our community.  We have five volunteer dentists serving to extract teeth in our Adult Dental Clinic and several more who see our clients in their offices for emergencies.  We could hold a clinic every other day and keep the calendar of appointments full, the need is so great.

 If you are or know a dentist serving the Calhoun County community who may want to become a partner in this local mission, please contact Interfaith Ministries to see how we can schedule the Dentist a tour of our clinic so you too can help make life changing differences to God’s People in Need.

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