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Interfaith Community Events

Thanksgiving Community Worship Service : 4:00pm, Sunday

Join Us for a Thanksgiving Community Worhsip Service! 

Where: Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church 1301 Golden Springs Rd | Anniston, Alabama

We find ourselves living in a world that is increasingly damaged by hatred and violence, racism and bigotry.  Love and Mercy are universal concepts in all of our confessions of faith, and it seems that Thanksgiving is the most opportune time to celebrate that fact.  From the Bismillah to the Kyrie Eleison, we find unity in all the divine attributes of Love, and unity in all divine actions of mercy.  As faith leaders, we are in a special position to lead our faithful people to live in a manner which encourages all to represent in their daily lives the divine attributes of God as well as imitate God’s divine actions. We hope you will make plans to join us in the special service.

Participants in the Community Choir under the direction of Mary Rhodes will gather at 2:45pm. Procession of church banners at the beginning of the service.

Please meet at the front of the church at 3:30pm. 


Novemeber 21st – Board of Directors Meeting – NOON

The year is drawing to a close.  As always, lots going on: Christmas Clearing House and end of year fundraising.

We will have Jeremy Jones, our JSU intern at the meeting to tell us a bit about his work at Fellowship House, a halfway home for recovering addicts, and how his work here has impacted his outlook.

November 21st- NOON- in the Interfaith Conference Room

Lunch will be served.  Bring a Friend!

The meeting was a succes! For detailed information on this meeting, click here.