Emergency Assistance

We provide assistance for utilities, rent, transportation, prescriptions, and other needs with the goal of preventing homelessness.

CoVid-19 Update:

Important information for people needing help with their rent:

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) took unprecedented action on September 1 by
issuing a temporary national moratorium on most evictions for nonpayment of rent to help prevent
the spread of coronavirus.”

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How we've Helped

Family Support

IFM helped a young mother living in poverty in need of a specific baby formula for her infant son. Arrangements were made for assistance, and we stepped in with a month’s supply of the special formula.

Fee Assistance

A schoolteacher moving into the state needed to get her teaching certificate renewed in order to start work.  Interfaith paid for her license renewal so she could support her family.

Regaining Freedom

A recently released felon came to get her driver’s license renewed. When she had her license renewed, this opened up a greater pool of employment opportunities for this client

Eligibility Requirements

Our phone: 256-237-1472     Fax: 256-237-1403

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