Meals on Wheels of Interfaith Ministry

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Meals on Wheels

Our Mission

The Meals on Wheels mission is to provide a hot, nutritious lunch to our neighbors who are physically unable to leave their homes to shop for groceries and prepare their own meals. Typically, Meals on Wheels clients are for senior citizens, but we have expanded our program to include disabled individuals who are unable to prepare meals.

Where Do We Deliver?

Meals on Wheels serve the Anniston, Oxford and Weaver area with 11 routes, covering most addresses in the cities. Eligibility for the program is determined after completing an application with a Meals On Wheels director, and is also contingent on the client’s home being located in a reasonable proximity to our routes and a client’s inability to get out and shop for their own groceries or prepare their own meals.

Who are the meals prepared by?

Meals are prepared with the highest standards by the dietary unit of Stringfellow Memorial Hospital. With this partnership we are able to provide meals to meet the specific dietary requirements and concerns of our clients.

When Do We Deliver?

Our meals are delivered Monday through Friday by a legion of good hearted volunteers who take time out of their busy lives to serve their community in this  special way. Our drivers are known to create bonds of friendship, concern and love with our clients as they deliver a smile with a dose of care and compassion along with each meal. Clients may choose to have a meal delivered Monday through Friday or perhaps only two or three days a week. Some couples find the generous portions too much for themselves and choose to share a daily meal with their spouse or sibling. Our service is designed to be flexible enough to meet every client’s needs.
Clients will set a schedule of delivery based on their needs for the days per week for meals to be delivered. Clients should call the MOW office prior to 9 AM on any day they find they will not be home for delivery of their meal and we will cancel the meal for that day without charge.

How Much Are the Meals?

The cost of the meals is currently set at $6.50 per meal. Clients are billed at the end of the month for the meals delivered during that month.
Meals on Wheels has a financial assistance program for clients who qualify for aid based on a confidential financial assessment to be completed by the client. There is often a waiting list for clients who qualify for the financial assistance program.

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